Rava Idli

Snacks are very popular. There is something else about the samosas engaged in the market confectionery shop. Most of the snacks are snacks. Breakfast like Samosas is good for party snakes, so it is good for morning breakfast. A few quick snacks can be made even when hungry in the afternoon. Some of these snacks can work brunch on the holiday. What is the matter with evening tea or pakodas or mathri?

There are some snacks and snacks that you can serve well in the plate and there are some such fun while talking about the party, one such piece can be taken in the mouth .. Here we will give you some very delicate snacks And tell me to make breakfast. Some of these snacks are very nutritious and some fried, some snacks become stupid, and some snacks make some time. So you also make your taste and time according to some tasty snacks and we must definitely write your opinion.

In curry yogurt we use curd. Suji Idli is also called Rava Idli. I like suji Idli rice more than Idli. I like to eat suji idli (with suji idli recipe ) with coconut chutney. In the semolina Idli, you can also add vegetables. You can put carrots or boiled peas in Rava Idli.

I have not used vegetables in semolina idli. You can eat semolina idli at breakfast or dinner. If you visit the guest here, you can make instant sauji idli. In this you do not have to stop the material like rice idli in the night. Suji idli ( suji idli banane ki vidhi ) also liked the elderly with the children too.

To make semolina idli, first take a bowl in it. Now put curd, salt, mustard, 1 spoon oil curry leaves in bowl. After adding everything to semolina, mix the semolina with everything well. Now keep the semolina soaked for ½ hours.

By the time you clean the idli stand, you should put oil on your finger in the idli stand. As long as the semolina swell you take a big break now, put it on a high flame. Pour 2 glasses of water into the water and cover it with a plate.

After half an hour, semolina will flower. If Idli material is thicker then you can dilute by adding water to it. Idli material should not be too thin or too thick. Now you can make idli of semolina material. Now put the material used in one place in a separate vessel.

Mix it with sweet soda and ½ packet ENO and mix it. After adding ENO, do not run it much. Now fill the Idli material with a spoon in the stand. So far, steam should have been made in the frying pan, keep the stand in the frying pan and cover it.

When the semolina idli blossoms, put the knife into semolina Idli and see if idli has been cooked upstairs or not. If the knife comes out clean then the semolina is idli. When Idlie is done, take out the idli stand from gently flowing. Now let idli cool for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes remove the idli from one go to the knife.


  • In the semolina Idli, you put both the food scraper and the ENO. This will make Idli very soft.
  • Carefully put water in idli material. These are neither too thick nor too thin. Only then will the rava idli be good for you.



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