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Waffle Recipe


Waffle Recipe

The batter based level cake known as a waffle is a Belgian culinary talent: Each area of the nation has its own formula. The main ingredients are the same (flour, eggs and a salt etc). The formulas are given from one age group to the next.

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Flour                     1 cup

Sugar                    4 table spoon

Salt                       1 table spoon

Baking Powder   2 table spoon

Baking Soda        1/8 table spoon

Egg yolk               1

Egg white            1

Canola Oil           1 table spoon

Butter                   2 table spoon

Water                   1 cup


This recipe will make approximately 2-3 Belgian Waffles.

  1. First of all, heat up your waffle iron.
  2. In a medium bowl, add your flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and baking powder and mix the ingredients.
  3. Then add separated egg yolk.
  4. Add water.
  5. Mix all the ingredients.
  6. Add melted butter and canola oil and mix it.
  7. In a small bowl, beat egg white and add and mix it too.
  8. Your batter is ready to cook. Add it to waffle iron.
  9. Open the waffle iron when the ready light comes on.9 waffle recipe open waffle iron


Health Benefits of the ingredients used in Waffle Recipe

Wheat flour is the most well-known cereal in the world and is highly demanded in these days because of its rich medical advantages. Research has officially demonstrated that wheat is helpful for solid living. Wheat significantly brings down the dangers of heart diseases. Wheat flour also regulates blood glucose levels in DIABETIC patients. Wheat flour give you energy due to its rich parts. If you wish to get the greatest advantage out of wheat items, it’s suitable to pick wheat items that are produced using entire (whole) wheat flour instead of refined ones.

Being one of the easiest accessible types of sucrose, sugar is immediately consumed in the blood and discharges a blast of energy. This can be unsafe for patients with DIABETES. So, be cautionary in the use of sugar.

Regular salt is also known as sodium chloride. Salt helps us to send signals to our nerves and muscles. Iodized salt is the best source of dietary Iodine. It is the main portion of our food, because our body does not regularly create iodine. Salt is crucial for maintaining the hydration levels of the body. Sound levels of insulin are obliged to keep up a fit body. Diets with low levels of salt can cause DIABETES. This lessens the body’s capacity to metabolize glucose, giving poor levels of energy in the liver.

Besides of all its benefits, salt is harmful for us too. It has been tested that dietary salt decides the circulation of blood in the body. So it is recommended to control your salt intake

Baking Soda:       Medical advantages of baking soda contains decreased risk of diarrhea. It contains anti-itch possessions which helps in keeping up healthy skin. It is a good home remedy to cure flu, cold and plaque. It helps to remove stones in the kidney and infection in the bladder. Baking soda has such properties to stay away from infections.


Egg White & Egg Yolk:     Eggs have the nutritional values which help to empower our resistant system, solid vision, and the treatment of macular degeneration, skin health, the nervous system, solid bones, and formation of blood.


Canola Oil:
Canola oil is famous for heart health, it decreases level of cholesterol in the body, good for skin, provides energy, decreases the chances of cancer, sharp our brain and prevent DIABETES.

Butter:                 As we all know that butter has various reputations over the years.  It is really an extremely valuable part that can enhance your resistant (immune) system, beneficial for our hormones, protect your vision, support digestion system, increase the capacity of your mind, decreases the chances of heart disease and blood pressure and defend from cancer.

 Nutritional Value of Ingredients used in Waffle Recipe


1 Cup Flour 4 Table Spoon Sugar 1 Table Spoon Salt 2 Table Spoon Baking Powder 1 Egg Yolk 1 Egg White 1 Table Spoon Canola Oil 2 Table Spoon Butter
VITAMIN Vitamin A 0.07 mg 0.17 mg
Vitamin B6 0.488 mg 0.056 mg 0.002 mg
Vitamin B12 0.33 mg 0.03 mcg 0.02 mcg
Vitamin C
Vitamin D 0.01 mg 0.003 mg
Vitamin E 0.85 mg 0.44 mg 2.37 mg 0.33 mg
Vitamin K 2.3 mcg 0.1 mcg 9.7 mcg 1 mcg
MINERALS Calcium 40.8 mg 10.8 mg 4.32 mg 1299.6 mg 21.93 mg 2.31 mg 3.41 mg
Copper 0.492 mg 0.006 mg 0.013 mg 0.008 mg 0.002 mg
Iron 4.32 mg 2.46 mg 0.46 mg 0.03 mg
Magnesium 164.4 mg 2.28 mg 0.18 mg 8.7 mg 0.85 mg 3.63 mg 0.28 mg
Manganese 4.88 mg 0.532 mg 0.018 mg 0.126 mg 0.009 mg 0.004 mg 0.001 mg
Phosphorus 428.4 mg 0.36 mg 2060.7 mg 66.30 mg 4.95 mg 3.41 mg
Potassium 435.6 mg 32.88 mg 1.44 mg 3030 mg 18.53 mg 53.79 mg 3.41 mg
Selenium 74.2 mcg 9.5 mcg 6.6 mcg 0.1 mcg
Sodium 2.4 mg 1.32 mg 6976.44 mg 27 mg 8.16 mg 54.78 mg 1.56 mg
Zinc 3.12 mg 0.72 mg 0.02 mg 0.24 mg 0.39 mg 0.01 mg 0.01 mg
MICRONUTRIENT Protein 15.85 g 2.7 g 3.6 g 0.12 g
Carbohydrate 86.36 g 14.1 g 0.61 g 0.24 g 0.01 g
Fiber 12.8 g 0.6 g
Sugars 0.49 g 0.10 g 0.23 g 0.01 g
Fat 3 g 0.12 g 4.51 g 0.06 g 13.6 g 11.52 g
OTHERS Cholestrol 184.45 mg 30.53 mg
Water 12.8 g 0.96 g 0.04 g 1.86 g 8.89 g 28.9 g 2.55 g
Ash 1.9 g 0.08 g 17.96 g 13.92 g 0.29 g 0.21 g 0.01 g

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