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Russian Salad Recipe


Russian Salad Recipe
Russian Salad

If we say Russian salad as king of all salads, this statement might be true. This belongs to Russian cuisine and is well-known all around the world. Russian Salad is served as starter before a candle light dinner. It is famous and eaten in Europe and Latin America too. Russian Salad Recipe differs in some areas of world but main ingredients remains the same. Here is the recipe of the delicious Russian Salad.


Egg 2
Potatoes 5 (Medium Size)
Carrots 2 (Medium Size)
Red Onion 1 (Medium Size)
Pickles 3 pieces
Peas 1 jar
Mayonnaise 1 package

How to make Russian Salad:

1. Some amount of ingredients you will have to change if you see that there is too much of anything when you cook it. But it’ll be a little more potato than anything.
2. Boil the eggs, potatoes and carrots. When it boils chop into small cubes and put in a bowl.
3. Chop the onion, salt cucumbers and pour the peas in the bowl.
4. Pour the mayonnaise in moderation. It should not be too dry and not too creamy.
Serve it as it is or make it cool a little bit before serving.
Watch this video about its recipe.

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Russian Salad Recipe - Make Exotic dish at Home
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