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Pancake Recipe


This Pancake Recipe is proven to be basic recipe gets the pancakes taste like they should! With butter in the batter, you do not need extra fat for frying, it also gives a lovely flavor. Pancakes are a breakfast item in American Cuisine but in British cuisine, it is associated with Shrove Tuesday which is generally known as Pancake Day. It can be decorated with different kind of toppings and filling like jam, fruit syrup and with chocolate chip as well. This pancake recipe can make 10 pancakes. So, let’s make it now.

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3 eggs
6 cups milk
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons butter

Directions to Make Pancake

1. Whisk together the eggs with half of the milk.
2. Add the flour and whisk to a batter of lumps. Beat in the remaining milk and salt.
3. Melt the butter and whisk into the mixture. You do not need to use the extra fat by baking.
4. Heat the griddle. Pour a thin layer of batter. When the surface solidified and become dull, it is time to turn the pancake. Fry for another minute.

Good to know when you change the number of servings

This recipe is made for 10 pancakes servings. Change the number of servings will also change the amount of ingredients. In some cases this may result in the cooking time to be adjusted.

Watch the video below to have a better idea to make pancakes.

Give us your feedback in comments section below and tell your experience about the pancakes and their recipes. You can share your own pancake recipe if you have.
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Easy and Low Fat Pancake Recipe – Make it at home
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