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20 Fruit Candies Recipes to Enhance your Culinary Skills

Fruit candies relates to the childhood of all most all human beings in the world. Taking this in mind, we’ve selected 20 special fruit candy recipes and tested them by making them at home. That was awesome experience and each and every team member reminded his/her childhood after tasting them. …

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30 Green Smoothie Recipes e-Book to keep you fit in 2017

As we all know that people are preferring the green foods now a days to stay fit and healthy. Green / raw foods are the foods without any human alteration. So, we present tried and tested 30 Green Smoothies Recipes to keep you fit in 2017. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Yes! Give …

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Spanish Fried Milk Recipe

Spanish Fried Milk is the wonderful Spanish dessert. It is worth to try if you want to try something new today. Fried Milk is a cool and firm milk pudding. Ideal for any age group and any occasion. It is called “leche frita” in Spanish language. Let’s get started. Serves …

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Chicken Kiev Recipe

Chicken Kiev is a Ukrainian chicken dish consisting of paned chicken fillet filled with parsley garlic butter. Bring your delicious paned fillet and put it in the oven. This is fried in the oil and baked in the oven too. Serve with crispy potatoes and fresh salad. Now let’s get …

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French Chocolate Eclair Recipe

Safa recipes presents French chocolate éclair recipe. It is easy to make and hard to resist. Éclair is the originated from France and is famous all over the world for its taste and look. Now move towards the best éclair recipe ever. Let’s get started. 8-10 Servings More Breakfast Ideas: …

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