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  • Spanish Fried Milk Recipe Sweet & Crunchy Safa Recipes

    Spanish Fried Milk Recipe

    Spanish Fried Milk is the wonderful Spanish dessert. It is worth to try if you want to try something…

  • Savory Spanish Tortilla Recipe Best Spanish Omelet Safa Recipes

    Spanish Tortilla Recipe

    Famous and savory Spanish Tortilla recipe here. Spanish traditional omelet is called “Spanish Tortil…

  • Easy Chicken Kiev Recipe Safa Recipes

    Chicken Kiev Recipe

    Chicken Kiev is a Ukrainian chicken dish consisting of paned chicken fillet filled with parsley garl…

  • Russian Syrniki Recipe (Cheese Pancakes) Safa Recipes

    Russian Syrniki Recipe

    We are presenting easy and traditional Russian Syrniki recipe in this post. It is also called Russia…

  • Blini (Russian Pancakes) Recipe Safa Recipes

    Russian Blini Recipe

    Blini is a tasty Russian pancake. It is folded to fill with a filling of your choice. It is a famous…

  • French Chocolate Éclair Recipe Safa Recipes

    French Chocolate Eclair Recipe

    Safa recipes presents French chocolate éclair recipe. It is easy to make and hard to resist. Éclair …

  • Cheese and Tomato Salad Recipe – Make it today at home

    Cheese and Tomato Salad Recipe

    Cheese and Tomato Salad is a tasty and easy to make French salad. It is the traditional favorite and…

  • Simple and Rich French Onion Soup without wine

    French Onion Soup Recipe without Wine

    French onion soup has been famous from the Roman Era. This soup is considered as the poor people sou…

  • Best-Apollo-Fish-Recipe

    Apollo Fish Recipe

    Best and easy Apollo fish fry recipe, can be tried on any occasion. The soft Basa fish coated with a…

  • Homemade-French-Baguette-Recipe

    French Baguette Recipe

    A traditional French Baguette bread is the icon of French cuisine. Very tasty and easy to digest bre…

  • Homemade-Ayran-Recipe

    Homemade Ayran Recipe

    Ayran is a thirst-quenching drink happily served with hot and spicy food. It should ideally be serve…

  • Lebanese-Falafel-Recipe

    Lebanese Falafel Recipe

    Easy and healthy Lebanese Falafel recipe. Falafel is undoubtedly the most famous and eaten dish all …

  • Kibbeh-Nayyeh-Recipe

    Kibbeh Nayyeh Recipe

    Kibbeh Nayyeh / raw kibbeh is a beef dish with a lot of spices and bulgur. It belongs to the Lebanes…

  • Baba-Ganoush-Recipe

    Baba Ganoush Recipe

    Baba means father in Arabic and translated into Ganoush flirty. So yes, a flirty Dad. Baba Ganoush i…

  • Ezogelin-Soup-Recipe

    Ezogelin Soup Recipe (Turkish Red Lentil Soup)

    Healthy and delicious Ezogelin soup is best as an appetizer. It is a common soup in Turkish cuisine.…


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